Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My marks...

Didn't went school today because of my back, it hurts... 4 Jasmin lost their dodge competition, and I don't want to talk about it to.. Just heard from benji, I fail my add maths.. I expect that to happen but what I don't expect is my math, I get 56 if i wasn't wrong.. For science, maybe i'll get C.. My mid term exam was way more better den now.. When I thought about the marks, I'll remember how my parents gonna tell me.. I'm starting to hate study, I hate all the books and teachers... I don't feel like tuition anymore, I became like this soon after exam.. I hate all these, someone help me get out of this place.. I've been training hard recently, maybe I really want to win next year's conpetition, but will we make it??

I don't know how to tell my parents about my exam paper.. Maybe I should wait for RKA day, or should I tell them now?? What makes all of u so hardworking? How about me?? why I'm not hardworking at all??

Few more weeks until holiday, don't know what to do... Do I need continue practice for next year?? Or should I study hard from now on?? Maybe I got another path to choose, who knows..........

p/s: I don't know what am I talking about, sry..

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