Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Post

There's a reason why I don't like to blog these, alot of things happened to me. If I want to talk about it, I'm sure that I'll spend all day to talk about it. Em, I got my salary for last month, so who wanna come out celebrate with me??? Joking. I'll save the money to buy a pair of basketball shoes, or I'll spend it on shirts. Going to go Singapore on 23th of December, maybe. I'll celebrates Christmas at Singapore because the decoration at Singapore during Christmas will be so nice compare to Malaysia. Who wants to join me? Also joking...

I think I'll spend 1 whole year chasing, seeking for you, this is hard for me...

I got my money, tomorrow I'll gonna spend all night at TC watch movie with them, =)
stay at home is so boring, don't know what to do, sleep, eat, basketball, work, sleep, eat, basketball, work... Argh, someone call me out!!!

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