Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yay, today's the last day of my tiring work. It's finally come to an end, so happy now and feel like go celebrate straight away, xD. And I did, my fellow friends keen lik and shen jun accompanied me for the whole night, Thx ya my friend =)...
Just as soon as I finish my work, I went home straight away and get ready because keen lik will be at my house around 7.30p.m. Ate my dinner and went Amcorp mall by LRt. Shen jun's there waiting for us around 8p.m. Went there don't know what to do. We walked around and last keen lik decided to go KLCC. And there we go again, walking here and there like bunch of monkeys, =)... We went KLCC also just for fun. We walked around, check out some new shirts, pants and some other stuff like basketball shoes and ball, we are basketball freaks anyway. Went home around 10p.m and arrived at 10.30p.m. I'll be going to sungai wang next monday, find me ya (joking)...

My friend, cheer up kay, you teach me everything and you must face it yourself too, tell me if you need help. And I'm sorry about telling her that thing. Please try to understand and forgive. Till then, Nights..

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